Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maximus Splendor

This is one kickass cock ring Maximus Splendor - Male Sex Toys @ VibeReview to say the least.

I have always wanted to try a vibrating cock ring to see how my wife would react versus a non-vibrating cock ring. Well, to my surprise she loved it to say the least. It has a mini bullet on the top with little nodules that stimulate the womans clitoris which can be removed if you or your partner do not like the vibrating sensations. I also like the fact that it has an extra bottom outside ring for your texticles and it makes your cock not only look but feel ticker and bigger also.

Check out the reviews and try one for you and your lover Maximus Splendor - Male Sex Toys @ VibeReview and see how fun a vibrating cock ring can be.


This vibrator is Gigi - Silicone Sex Toys @ VibeReview getting rave reviews from all kinds of people. The design of it is nice and isn't intimidating. The curves are awesome and not only is it good for hitting the G-spot, but it is also good for clitoral stimulation.

My wife and I purchased it the other day and couldn't wait to get home and try it. we first noticed the price which is a little higher than we like to spend but it comes with a 1 year warranty which is great for a sex toy. When we finally tried it out that night it was amazing to use it on her; and how she said it realy rocked her world. I liked it because you can adjust the vibrations and have different variations of vibrations.

I have done some searching on the web for this product and I found a site that has it on sale right now and wish we had gone online to buy it and gotten a better price on the item; I am giving you the link to the page so you can find it easily and they have the Gigi Gigi - Silicone Sex Toys @ VibeReview on sale right now. I recommend you go there and check it out for yourself and take my advice and purchase one for you and your lover; she'll love you for it and it will turn you on buy using it on her and seeing her face when she has an orgasm from it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sex Lube

Lube is an important part of sex; whether it is a natural woman's own lubrication or if you use a store bought brand. Lube is also very important for anal sex and can also be fun for oral sex.

A personal favorite of mine is ID Glide ID Glide - Lubes & Lotions @ VibeReview it is a water based lubricant which washes off easily with water and overall is better for the woman. I also like it because it lasts; just a little bit applied before sex and it last the whole time until we are both satisfied. It is thick and silky and it is also condom compatible and will not leave a sticky residue like most others. My partner and I have used ID Glide ID Glide - Lubes & Lotions @ VibeReview for all 11 years that we have been married and wouldn't think of using another brand unless it was for oral sex.

ID Glide has gotten rave reviews from magazines and users alike. I think if you try ID Glide ID Glide - Lubes & Lotions @ VibeReview for yourself you will find a lube that you truly enjoy and like my partner and myself, make ID Glide the lubricant of your choice for your sex life. Right now you can purchase ID Glide here and save some nice dollars during their winter sale ID Glide - Lubes & Lotions @ VibeReview

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Make Sex Fun

I have always had the attitude that sex should be fun, wild, and uninhibited, where two people either of the same sex or opposite sex let go and have an open mind about when it comes to sex.

Try new things in the bedroom (or wherever you like to have sex) and keep it fresh and exciting; always changing things up. People as humans get bored with the same 'ol same 'ol all the time; it has to be fun and you should be open to this to keep your partner interested. I have always had the idea (as well as many others do) that you should do whatever you have to do to make your partner happy; if it makes the other person happy, just do it; I am sure it won't kill you for a few minutes of your partners pleasure. If your partner likes oral give them a few minutes of it just to make them happy, if your partner wants to try a sex toy, go shopping together and decide on one or even a couple of toys.

Sex toys are actually a great thing; they can actually give you stronger, longer orgasms. They will also put zest into a relationship and help things from getting old. In case your wondering, if you're a guy or your guy thinks a sex toy will please you or your woman in your life better than you can, you're very wrong. There's nothing like the feeling of a real penis inside of her pounding away and the toy cannot cuddle with her afterwards. Dildos have always been good for menopausal and pre-menopausal women because it keeps her vagina toned and helps with other sexual issues.

On a final note; if you're uncomfortable about going to an adult store to purchase a sex toy, you have the internet which you can shop in private without any embarrassment. In the coming post I will post some really good adult companies to purchase sex toys from, these will be hand picked and I will also include pictures of certain items and review some items for you.